Sexy World of the Public Works Department Website

Water conservation. New trash requirements. Street cleaning. The Yountville Public Works website is a work in progress continuously updated. Recent changes include an update to the layout and organization of the pages. You can now find an important links section on the side of the screen for commonly sought-after documents. New pages, including a Measure

We Have Lost A True Yountvillian and I Have Lost a Friend

Rose Solis passed away last week. I have such a heavy heart with this. Rose was such an integral part of this Town and our day-to-day lives in Yountville. She was a friend and someone I wanted to listen to. I wanted her perspective on life, business, and the people in our community. Rose liked

December 2021 TOT Ends Strong

TOT revenue for December 2021 was $524,548. The December 2021 collection is more comparable to the December 2019 collection, reflecting an increase of $119,910 or 29.6%. The hotels and B&Bs continue to push rates as occupancy. With six months remaining in the fiscal year 2021/2022, the budget is 105%, with a total of $5,556,457. As with the previous months,

Economic Development in Yountville: “Committee” Already in Place

What is economic development? There is a multitude of ideas, policies, and definitions. How and why is it essential to our community of businesses, residents, homeowners, renters, and employees? At the December 8 Council meeting, the Vice Mayor presented an action item to create a committee to “…sustain and develop the economies of our Town

Town Council Meetings, Zooming In

One of my main goals is to get you involved in your community. I watch the meetings and report to you, and I also give you the details to watch them yourselves. You can subscribe on YouTube to the Town of Yountville – Local Government so all the meetings are archived as well. Don’t forget; it’s