Yountville Town Budget Fiscal Year 2022/2023 Is Final

At the June 21, 2022, council meeting, the Town Council unanimously approved the $20.2 million “all funds” budget, which includes: General Fund budgets, Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Reserve Funds, Special Revenue Funds, Debt Service Funds, and the Water and Wastewater Utility Enterprise Funds. In his annual budget message, Town Manager Steve Rogers noted, “What a

Water Wasters’ to Face Fines, But First… Lots of Outreach

The Town of Yountville purchases water from the State (CalVet/Veterans Home Rector Reservoir). The Veterans Home has notified the Town that for the second year in a row, it was reducing the Town’s annual water allocation from 500 acre-feet to 400 acre-feet, a reduction of 20%. In addition, the State has issued regulations requiring the

Shoutout to the Yountville Chamber

Education is a never-ending process. This year, three individuals from the Chamber of Commerce were recently honored by their peers in the chamber sector at the Western Association of Chamber Executives’ annual conference. Jessica Penman, Director of Community Relations, has been selected for a two-year term on the W.A.C.E. Emerging Leaders Council. The Council was