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Town Council: Meeting Notes – April 6th

ZDRB: Meeting Notes – Mar. 9th

ZDRB: Meeting Agenda – Mar. 9th


Town Updates in Under 4 Sentences

Bocce is Back

Crews are spending time on Friday replacing the backboards and placing brick dust on the Bocce courts in preparation for the opening of the season on April 12th.

Bocce is Back… and Looking Pretty

Parks crews have been busy updating the landscaping at the Bocce courts. They removed the old rosemary and replaced it with 88 new plants and updated the irrigation to drip.

Chamber Coalition Restaurant Survey

Restaurant, Catering Company, or Food Truck. How have the past 13 months affected your business? The Napa Valley Chamber Coalition wants your feedback so they can work with local and elected officials. Real data speaks volumes and your responses will help. Fill out the survey.

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In- Depth Articles: Town Use Permits

  • Use Permits

    This week, we continue the conversation about what it takes to do business in Yountville.

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