Local News Is Dead, Long Live Local News… so be a part of it!

Sharon Stensaas, owner and editor of the Yountville Sun, is retiring and looking for new owners. As I have stated from day one of The Yountvillian, I strongly support and know the value and importance of local news. If no viable offers are received, the Sun will cease publication by December 22, 2022. Here are the details of the sale:

1) The initial contact should be directed via email address yountvillesuninc@gmail.com or mailed to Yountville Sun, P.O. Box 2070, Yountville, CA 94599 before September 18, 2022, and should include a few brief statements of your vision for the Sun;
2) Parties selected from the initial review will be required to sign and return an NDA;
3) Upon receipt of Item 2, a Confidential Information package will be forwarded to you from the financial advisor utilizing your specified delivery. All information received from potential buyers will be held in confidence. While all offers will be considered, she will try to find the best fit for the Yountville community. 

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