Steven Rogers, Yountville’s Town Manager For The Past 15 years, Announces His Plans to Retire in Early 2023

New Council, a new Mayor, and now a new Town Manager for 2023. Steven Rogers, Yountville’s Town Manager for the past 15 years, announced his plans to retire in early 2023, culminating a 37-year career in local government. The announcement was made following the Town Council’s meeting on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. I had the

George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery of Yountville Will Be An Official Location for the 2022 National Wreaths Across America Day

The cemetery will join the more than 3,100 participating locations across the country to remember, honor, and teach on Saturday, Dec. 17, 2022, at 9 am. This is the FIRST year that the cemetery in Yountville will participate in this national program. With last year’s success of wreaths being laid at the Veterans Home Cemetery in

Town Council Meeting Tuesday, October 18

Last week the Yountville Sun’s title for the Town Council meeting that discussed how to distribute over $5.7M in Unassigned Fund Balance included the term “spending spree.” Unfortunate choice of words that the Editor chose to use; a brief period of extravagant spending. These words do a disservice to the time and effort spent by Town Staff and

Joe T. Write-In Candidate for Yountville Town Council

Less than three weeks until the 2022 elections, and Joe Tagliaboschi has entered the Yountville Town Council race as a write-in candidate. As Joe shared with me, “After watching the forum and listening to the candidates, I made the difficult decision to conduct a write-in campaign for Council.” It is official now, as signatures have

You Learn Something New Everyday

Yountville Town staff held a Zoom candidate orientation for the candidates in this fall’s Mayoral and Town Council Member elections. All the Yountville candidates participated in the orientation. The orientation provided an overview of the Town’s governance structure with a focus on where to find information about the Town using the Town website and providing

Local News Is Dead, Long Live Local News… so be a part of it!

Sharon Stensaas, owner and editor of the Yountville Sun, is retiring and looking for new owners. As I have stated from day one of The Yountvillian, I strongly support and know the value and importance of local news. If no viable offers are received, the Sun will cease publication by December 22, 2022. Here are the details of the sale: 1)

Let The Election Season Begin: Democrats of Napa Valley Endorsement Meeting

Democrats of Napa Valley Endorsement Meeting was a Zoom meeting held on August 15 for all candidates in Napa Valley. As I always say, “All politics is local,” so it would be great to watch the meeting to get a feel for what is happening in our Valley. For this reporting, I will focus on

New Water Guidelines for Single Family Residence in Yountville July 27, 2022

California is in a severe drought, and the Town has implemented mandatory Phase 2 water restrictions to help conserve water. For the Town, conserving water is not a good thing to do but indeed a necessity to do. The Veterans Home/Rector Reservoir, which supplies water to the Town, has advised it will only provide 400

Yountville TOT June 2022 – “It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times…”

UPDATED August 9: There was a miscalculation in last week’s TOT report. Most numbers stayed the same, and the two changes are: town-wide occupancy for June 2022 was 56%, and the ADR was $934. So, my statements from last week still hold true. This week I have included the county-wide occupancy numbers for Napa, and

Town Council Meeting Notes – July 19 – Part 1

Update August 2: As a follow-up to these Meeting Notes, I will note that based on the Sun front page article with the table showing the vote and a recent letter to the editor stating, “These two lowest scores resulted in Robin not having enough points to be reappointed.” But, that still leaves the voting