You Learn Something New Everyday

Yountville Town staff held a Zoom candidate orientation for the candidates in this fall’s Mayoral and Town Council Member elections. All the Yountville candidates participated in the orientation. The orientation provided an overview of the Town’s governance structure with a focus on where to find information about the Town using the Town website and providing

Local News Is Dead, Long Live Local News… so be a part of it!

Sharon Stensaas, owner and editor of the Yountville Sun, is retiring and looking for new owners. As I have stated from day one of The Yountvillian, I strongly support and know the value and importance of local news. If no viable offers are received, the Sun will cease publication by December 22, 2022. Here are the details of the sale: 1)

Let The Election Season Begin: Democrats of Napa Valley Endorsement Meeting

Democrats of Napa Valley Endorsement Meeting was a Zoom meeting held on August 15 for all candidates in Napa Valley. As I always say, “All politics is local,” so it would be great to watch the meeting to get a feel for what is happening in our Valley. For this reporting, I will focus on

Yountville TOT June 2022 – “It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times…”

UPDATED August 9: There was a miscalculation in last week’s TOT report. Most numbers stayed the same, and the two changes are: town-wide occupancy for June 2022 was 56%, and the ADR was $934. So, my statements from last week still hold true. This week I have included the county-wide occupancy numbers for Napa, and

TOT Collection – Yountville May 2022

You know the drill by now: another month of record TOT (transit occupancy tax) collection with overall occupancy lagging previous years and ADR (average daily rate) through the roof. May 2022 TOT collection was $984,191 with occupancy at 64% and ADR of $917.  I find it interesting that the Town TOT report states, “It is important to view

The Legacy of Sally & Don Schmitt  

“One could only learn from the past and move on through the present to make a better future.” “The future belongs to those who learn from the past and live brilliantly in the present moment.” Jason Medina. This quote very well encapsulates what I learned while listening to the panel speak about Don & Sally Schmitt. A

Kellerville CA… still hope for a neighborhood restaurant

It appears that the lessee and TKRG (Thomas Keller Restaurant Group) did not come to an agreement for Ciccio. The restaurant remains closed for, as the posting on the door states, “deep maintenance and repairs” as well as “bringing our new kitchen staff up to speed.” July is the expected opening month. Stay tuned.  Read

Kellerville CA… addendum

As a follow-up to last week’s thoughts on Keller’s businesses in Yountville, Mr. Keller has announced that the Regiis Ova Caviar & Champagne Lounge in Yountville has transitioned from a trial pop-up to a permanent concept to join Chef Keller’s group of restaurants in our Town. As he gave a history of his involvement throughout all

Kellerville CA

As our Town was filled with love for local businessman Thomas Keller at last week’s Local’s Appreciation Party for Appreciating the Chef, some interesting details are starting to emerge about his potential for two new local businesses. First, the home next to the French Laundry (where Thomas’ father once resided) is being converted into the French Laundry