Dunbar Provides Hands-On Experience for Napa County District 3 Supervisor

I support the extensive experience that John Dunbar will bring for Napa County District 3 Supervisor when I cast my ballot. With discussions throughout Napa County and the entire state of CA focused on housing, climate change, fire preparedness, traffic, and much more, Mr. Dunbar has the experience to immediately get to work on these

TOT March 2022 (by now you should know how this is going to play out…)

Once again, the smaller hotels (62 rooms) far exceeded the larger hotels (393 rooms) in the occupancy category, 72% vs. 52%. ADR (average daily rate) for the smaller hotels increased a bit over last month to $460, and the larger hotels dipped slightly to $813. Townwide, this meant an occupancy of 55% and an ADR

Wall Street Journal Fires the First Shot!

Fresh on the heels of our conversation last week about February 2022 TOT, it is interesting that a publication that caters to the travelers who can afford Yountville writes an article to knock down the Napa Valley. Lettie Teague, Wine Columnist for the WSJ, asks, Who Can Afford Napa Now? Not This Wine Columnist. Further states that

Campaign Contributions for CA and Yountville 

April 26, 2022 Campaign Contributions (cont.) A letter to the editor in the Yountville Sun was also part of the Public Comment at the Council meeting. The author brought up a few good points about campaign contribution limits. What are your thoughts? Comments? Feedback? Here is the letter. Thank you for the opportunity to offer a comment

Sensational Headlines/Trigger Words/Vocal Minority

I believe it’s time to address the discussions taking place in our Town. I keep seeing and hearing the word divisive thrown around quite a bit lately. Many are also using community, pro-business, and voices not being listened to as triggers to get a response to their way of seeing things because, in their perception, this is the right way

February 2022 TOT; It’s Back (High ADR and Low Occupancy)

The Town report for February TOT contained the following statement from Finance Director Celia King & Kyle Batista, Financial Analyst, “It is important to view this fiscal year’s collections as abnormal due to the current climate of the travel industry, and the Town will most likely not continue to see TOT collections of this magnitude

Napa County Supervisor Pedroza – Support Ad & A Letter to the Editor

Paid for by Local People for Balanced Leadership, a full-page ad was placed in the Napa Register on April 3, 2022, supporting Supervisor Pedroza. Quite a statement and quite a list of names. Then read what I thought was an interesting letter to the editor in the Register with concerns about Supervisor Pedroza’s actions since

Updates from Our Veterans Home

April 12, 2022: Construction Kickoff for Skilled Nursing Facility/Memory Care at Veterans Home of Yountville  Construction on the new $269 million, 240-bed skilled nursing and memory care facility at the Veterans Home of California is underway, with the facility expected to open early in 2024. The project partners with the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet),