Kellerville CA… addendum

As a follow-up to last week’s thoughts on Keller’s businesses in Yountville, Mr. Keller has announced that the Regiis Ova Caviar & Champagne Lounge in Yountville has transitioned from a trial pop-up to a permanent concept to join Chef Keller’s group of restaurants in our Town. As he gave a history of his involvement throughout all of Yountville during his presentation on Appreciation Day, he let us all know that he wanted the Lounge to be a place for the French Laundry guests to continue their experience. Indeed, check out the menu.

The General Manager for the French Laundry, Michael Minnillo, gave his input on my comments last week about the expansion of TKRG (Thomas Keller Restaurant Group)in Yountville. His comments are at the bottom of the post; scroll down to read them.

I mentioned in the original post that I frequent the TKRG restaurants. I love the bar at Bouchon. The barbacoa at La Calenda is fantastic. Sitting at the bar at Ad Hoc is a great “secret” to eating fewer courses. The teams at all these locations are good people making the most of my experience. So when Mr. Minnillo stated in his comments, “I am sorry that you have so much animosity towards us,..” that is definitely not the case. This is my blog, and I want to generate conversation and discussion. I poke, and sometimes that is what I see is needed to get the community engaged. I greatly appreciate the comments and conversation. Keep them coming.

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