The Value of Local News

A Silent Fire

The honest truth is, putting our own biases aside, it’s clear that the decline of local reporting is a silent fire burning in the background causing more damage at the community level than anyone has realized. Below is a collection of articles from numerous, diverse, reputable sources that collectively come to one conclusion:

We should all care about the health of local news and journalism.

So what’s the story here? How did we get to the point that local news has died? How did we come to realize that something needs to shift around the way local news is reported? What can we as a community do to fix this? This  story is not unique to the community of Yountville and the Napa Valley but our solution to it might be. 

Doom and Gloom

It’s hard to spot a problem until things go wrong. Local news reporting is no different. From the muddling of local elections to actual statistics the loss of local respected news sources has created a vacuum in reporting. This vacuum has allowed for biased and frankly wrong information to be shared as “news” in many small and large communities.  These “news sources” spread false information that has real and damaging effects on communities. The articles below highlight the damage that has been done because of loss of trusted local news sources. 

It’s Time for Change

When you become aware of a problem it is up to you to try and fix it. That is what we are going to do with the Yountvillian. True journalism is inclusive and values a diverse set of voices. News should be unbiased and represent the truth of what is happening in a community.  The collection of articles below focuses on the opinions of leaders in the reporting community that are providing their opinions on why local news is declining and what we can do about it.

The Underdog

Lucky for us there are places to look to for HOPE. While small newspapers and local reporting may be dying around the country there are success stories we can look to. What can we as a community learn from these other newspapers? The success of local reporting can be linked to the success of local political initiatives from school reform to bringing in new industry and creating healthier communities. Shouldn’t we want to emulate that? Don’t we want Yountville to be considered a place of innovation and truth? The articles below both teach us lessons and inspire us to carry on.

A Bright Future

We come full circle to one simple truth: Yountville needs to do better. In the ways where the past system for local reporting has fallen short comes an opportunity to make it better. This is why we care and that’s why we’re here. We are here to be a place for everyone to have a voice, for local news to be reported accurately and timely. Our goal is to make sure that Yountville is a connected community because that is what makes a strong community.

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