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As our Town was filled with love for local businessman Thomas Keller at last week’s Local’s Appreciation Party for Appreciating the Chef, some interesting details are starting to emerge about his potential for two new local businesses. First, the home next to the French Laundry (where Thomas’ father once resided) is being converted into the French Laundry Bar. The house is currently in the Residential Scaled Commercial District, so it can be a business. So the business that TKRG (Thomas Keller Restaurant Group) has chosen will be solely for those paying their appreciation at the French Laundry.

Then you have the restaurant space in Town that has been sitting vacant for over three years, the former Perry Lang’s at the Estates. We were all a bit excited when the new owner stated he was looking far and wide to fill the spot and get it re-opened. The current rumor is maybe he didn’t go too far; Thomas Keller is at the top of the list. Even more interesting is that the restaurant will be fashioned after the now-closed TAK Room in the Hudson Yards, New York. Any guesses on the price point? I’ll let you click through to the menu and see for yourself. Don’t kid yourself; no surprises here. This reviewer nailed my thoughts exactly when discussing the closure of the restaurant. “Couldn’t Keller have given the city a more creative, affordable, or even non-European approach to gastronomy?” The similarities between the Yards and Yountville are interesting.
Don’t get me wrong; I like the teams working at his different restaurants in Yountville and frequent them. I just want Local Appreciation to be more than one day every ten years.

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Michael Minnillo
Michael Minnillo
1 year ago

Dear Jeff D.
Thank you for taking the time to write this piece. 
I have lived and worked in Yountville for 25 years. I own a home here, and raise a family here, and yes, I do work for The French Laundry. 
We will continue to go out of our way for the residents of this town. We host a Yountville night at French Laundry for 22 years in April, we host an open house that the town is always welcome too in December, we host Thanksgiving for the members of the Veteran’s Home at Bouchon when that is one of 2 days that Bouchon is closed, repeat: Our team comes in on Thanksgiving to server and feed and nurture the veterans on their day off away from their families to serve THIS community and we love doing it! 
I have never seen any such event at Bistro Jeanty, Bottega, Coqueta, Mustard’s, Brix, Perry Lang’s, R & D Grill, Lucy, Model Bakery in my 25 years here… I am sorry that you have so much animosity towards us, we always love to serve you and take care of you.
We always look to improve The French Laundry in service, property, cuisine, and guest experience.  We will continue to do this for our guests and our community moving forward. 

And never let the truth get in the way of a good rumor! 

All my best, 
Michael Minnillo
General Manager 
The French Laundry