Guess Who Returned to Town in April? Occupancy!

April TOT (transit occupancy tax or bed tax) numbers are in, and occupancy is finally catching up to previous years. For all hotel rooms, the Town saw a percentage of 63, and in 2019, we were at 67%. I would say that we saw more groups and gaggles of large gatherings as group business returned to the Town in small numbers. Again small hotels (under 50 rooms/total of 62) led the march at 82%, and large hotels (total of 393) were at 60%.

You already know that ADR (average daily rate) is through the roof… still. Townwide ADR was $846, blowing away previous years by over 45%. The large hotels saw the most significant increase of nearly 90% (over year 2019) to $916.

The biggest takeaway from this report is the realization that the Town will actually have closer to $4.5M in the unassigned fund balance come to the end of this fiscal year 2021/2022. What oh what to do with all that money?

What should the Town do with all this extra money?

Read the full report.

Here is a list of Yountville’s hospitality rooms and the previous month’s TOT reports.

Read the Napa Valley TOT report. It is for March 2022, giving you a good indication of what is happening beyond our little bubble of Yountville.

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