Washington Park Paving Project – CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT

I did receive some feedback this week upset with the Council’s decision to cancel the paving project in Washington Park. Talk about a perfect storm: water lines had to be replaced, confusion about the parking bay responsibilities, and now torn-up streets. Watching the meeting and reading the details, I believe the Council made the correct

Ag Burns and Biomass Gasification Facility in Calistoga?

I have to honestly say that it is exciting to complete an In-Depth article and then watch a county meeting and have a possible follow-up and continue the learning process. At today’s UVWM meeting, there was a discussion of biomass facilities and what they can do.  Is it an opportunity to create energy for the

Campaign Reform and Food Needs in Napa Valley

Once again, I am writing about Napa Vision 2050. Previously, we discussed campaign reform for Napa County. Now there is a discussion about the Napa Food Bank. Napa Vision 2050 sees a way for both of these issues to benefit those in need in our Valley. The Napa County Board of Supervisors recently voted on March

False Positives and Test Results

With the apparent “confusion” and lack of clear and detailed information coming from the Vets Home, I spoke with a local scientist about test results and got some feedback on their interpretation of what is happening. I might still not be 100% there, but it was an interesting conversation.   Vet’s Home samples first tested

Intrigued by Napa Vision 2050

I have just been turned on to Napa Vision 2050.  I’ll be honest, I barely know what’s on my calendar in the next two weeks, and I like the fact that this group is forward-looking. The most recent email has an interesting perspective on Napa County finance reform, a timely discussion given the opening of two

A Most Valuable Asset – People

The Town will be receiving over $550,00 in grant money to be utilized for its General Fund. Also, the tourists are returning, and restaurants and wine tasting are, legally, increasing capacity. So might now be the time to reconsider budget considerations? At the February 2 Town Council meeting Vice Mayor, Kerri Dorman, went on record

More School Closures in Napa Valley 2022

In the March 5 edition of the Napa Register, there was a lengthy article on more school closures for the NVUSD in 2022. The Yountville elementary school saw its last students in 2020, and the future of the site remains unclear.  The Town has been in discussions with the school district to purchase the lot, and

Possibly A Good Way to Reduce the Town Budget Expenses

The pedestrian crosswalk paddle sign was replaced at the intersection of Washington and Yount Streets after the prior sign was run over. If I had a dime for every time this happens, I could balance the Town budget! It might be a good time to reevaluate how best to watch out for pedestrians in Yountville.