Let The Election Season Begin: Democrats of Napa Valley Endorsement Meeting

Democrats of Napa Valley Endorsement Meeting was a Zoom meeting held on August 15 for all candidates in Napa Valley. As I always say, “All politics is local,” so it would be great to watch the meeting to get a feel for what is happening in our Valley. For this reporting, I will focus on Yountville details. Each candidate completed a questionnaire, got three minutes to introduce themselves, and then follow-up questions were asked of the candidates by board members. A candidate needs to get 60% of the vote to be endorsed.

The Zoom meeting has not been posted, and I will try to update with the meeting details later. The candidates in Yountville have their reasons and ideas for our community, and most importantly, by watching this meeting, you can get a feel for why they are here and why they want to put in the work to run for local government. You can hear their thoughts on how our community is operating and what they want to bring to the table.

This endorsement meeting is an excellent 20,000-foot view of the candidates. So this is a good starting point. It is not the endpoint, as it will be interesting to hear these candidates give their thoughts and viewpoints on the local issues specific to Yountville and what they see for the future of Yountville. Budget. Housing. Use Permits. Businesses.

Ok, I know you want to know the endorsement results before we read or watch anything, so here you have it:


✓Marjorie Mohler 77.4% of the vote

Robert Moore 0% of the vote

Pam Reeves 22.6% of the vote

City Council Seats:

Robin McKee-Cant 55.2% of the vote

✓Scott Owens 86.2% of the vote

It would be great for you to take a moment and read the candidate questionnaires, as It will give you a good feel for where they stand and what they feel they can add to our community.


Marjorie Mohler Questionnaire – Marjorie Mohler 2022 Yountville Mayor

Robert Moore Questionnaire – Robert Moore 2022 Yountville Mayor

Pam Reeves Questionnaire – Pam Reeves 2022 Yountville Mayor


Robin McKee-Cant Questionnaire – Robin McKee-Cant 2022 Yountville City Council Questionnaire

#2 Robin McKee-Cant Bio 2022 Yountville City Council

Scott Owens Questionnaire – Scott Owens 2022 Yountville City Council

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