Joe T. Write-In Candidate for Yountville Town Council

Less than three weeks until the 2022 elections, and Joe Tagliaboschi has entered the Yountville Town Council race as a write-in candidate. As Joe shared with me, “After watching the forum and listening to the candidates, I made the difficult decision to conduct a write-in campaign for Council.” It is official now, as signatures have

Town of Yountville – Consolidated General Municipal Election November 8, 2022

The voters of Yountville will be voting for two Councilmembers and a Mayor. Our current Mayor, John Dunbar, will not be seeking another term, and the seats of Councilmember Joe Tagliaboschi and Marita Dorenbecher, currently the Vice Mayor, will be up for election. Important dates: July 18, 2022 – Nomination Papers for 2022 November Election

Dunbar Provides Hands-On Experience for Napa County District 3 Supervisor

I support the extensive experience that John Dunbar will bring for Napa County District 3 Supervisor when I cast my ballot. With discussions throughout Napa County and the entire state of CA focused on housing, climate change, fire preparedness, traffic, and much more, Mr. Dunbar has the experience to immediately get to work on these

Measure L – Napa County

This ordinance aims to provide more efficient, effective, and enhanced fire services and programs that protect the health and safety of the public throughout Napa County. Enhanced fire services and programs mean an increase in fire services and programs through fire equipment, fire apparatus, fire suppression, infrastructure, technology, staffing, and training. It includes implementing resilient