Robert Moore Announces Intent to Fill Vacant Seat on Yountville Town Council

I asked him two questions: “You’ve retired, living the dream in Yountville, why the interest in getting involved with Yountville?” and then, “Given the current makeup of the Council, what will you be bringing to the mix?”.

Robert asked to meet in person which was a great idea. I learned his history, history of the Vet’s Home and had an exciting conversation about Yountville. This is Bob’s (he goes by his middle name) second stay at the Vet’s home and he is looking to be even more involved than before. During his previous stay, he was Allied Council Chair and now he is focused on the cemetery at the Vets Home and the Lincoln Theatre.

Why running?

I’m running for two reasons- first and foremost I believe I bring to the Council fresh new ideas that I believe will make the Town of Yountville a better place to live. Not all of my ideas are new, some ideas have been tried in the past and did not work at the time a new approach to an old idea may be just the right solution today. A case in point! The Lincoln Theater needs to be reopened. The second reason I am seeking the appointment to the Council is to provide a voice to the 600 plus veterans that p to now has no voice. We have no voice in Sacramento and we have no voice in Yountville. My appointment will be the first step in correcting what has been too long in coming.

See Robert Moore’s application to the Town Council, and join the meeting on Tuesday, February 1st, to watch the review of all applicants.

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