Measure L – Napa County

This ordinance aims to provide more efficient, effective, and enhanced fire services and programs that protect the health and safety of the public throughout Napa County. Enhanced fire services and programs mean an increase in fire services and programs through fire equipment, fire apparatus, fire suppression, infrastructure, technology, staffing, and training. It includes implementing resilient fire programs such as defensible space inspections, home hardening, wildfire preparedness programs, wildfire prevention, emergency alerts, vegetation management, and education. This ordinance establishes (subject to voter approval) a dedicated source of funds to implement such enhanced fire services and programs throughout the county.

Funds come from a one-quarter percent transaction and use tax (commonly referred to as a sales tax). Ten million dollars is estimated to be generated annually through the sales tax and will be distributed between the county and the cities and towns in Napa County to be used by their respective fire agencies for enhanced fire services and programs. In recognition of the needs of each local community, the cities of Napa, St. Helena, Calistoga, the Town of Yountville, and the American Canyon Fire Protection District are given the flexibility to use tax proceeds for enhanced fire services and programs meeting their specific local needs as long as expenditures are consistent with the expenditure plan outlined in this ordinance.

This 1/4% increase in sales tax will expire in 10 years. The Town of Yountville will receive 2% of the annual revenues available.

The County has a strategic Plan: The Countywide Community Wildfire Protection Plan which states that at least $43 Million is needed to fund the most critical projects over the first five years. Also, that local match funding makes the County more competitive for grant funding.

Look and read the presentation from the Yes on Measure L coalition.

Have some fun and read the full ordinance. Ordinance NO. 2022-01. An Ordinance Of Napa County, State Of California, Known As The Napa County Wildfire Prevention And Suppression Measure, Imposing A Transactions And Use Tax To Be Administered By The California Department Of Tax And Fee Administration.

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