Robert Stout Announces Intent to Fill Vacant Seat on Yountville Town Council

I asked him two questions: “You’ve retired, living the dream in Yountville, why the interest in getting involved with Yountville?” and then, “Given the current makeup of the Council, what will you be bringing to the mix?” Below are his answers (very, slightly edited).

The current make-up of the Council…

I will bring 30 years of experience working for local governments.  I have been the Chief Financial Officer for governments in five different states.  I have also been worked as financial consultant for dozens of others.  During that time, I have been deeply involved in long term financial plans, economic development, and, of course, annual and multi-year budgets.  Budgeting, especially in times of economic turmoil, involves working with employees, local businesses, and residents as one tries to reach consensus, in hard times, on which services should be reduced or which new revenue sources should be considered.  In good times, only a little easier, how should increased revenues should be allocated: public safety, parks, and recreation or perhaps saved for the next rainy day.

This background has prepared me for the many issues that Yountville will be facing in the near future,  How can we best diversify our economic base? How does a town our size create  more homes that can be available to a broader range of income levels? And most importantly, how do we ensure that residents feel involved in development of the revolution of these Issues?


Quick answer, it’s my town.  I love it.  It has given me and Rita so much joy.  I want to give back a little.  That’s why I became a volunteer at the Welcome Center and assisted with the Veteran’s Lunch that Bob Hurley was so influential with.  Just as important, I firmly believe that communities can govern themselves.  As we work together to best accommodate whatever the new normal may be, I think my unique background will allow me to make a valuable contribution to the efforts to meet the challenges of the future while maintaining all the we love about this truly extraordinary little town.

See Robert Stout’s application to the Town Council, and join the meeting on Tuesday, February 1st, to watch the review of all applicants.

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