Dunbar Provides Hands-On Experience for Napa County District 3 Supervisor

I support the extensive experience that John Dunbar will bring for Napa County District 3 Supervisor when I cast my ballot.

With discussions throughout Napa County and the entire state of CA focused on housing, climate change, fire preparedness, traffic, and much more, Mr. Dunbar has the experience to immediately get to work on these matters from the first day on the job as County Supervisor. As just one example, Dunbar is currently (again) working with the Town of Yountville and the state of California on the state-mandated Housing Element and Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA). Yountville must accommodate over 70+ new homes for “workforce housing,” and Dunbar is immersed in this process. Just as importantly, there is the yearly budget process that he has been engaged with for the past 11 years.

Often, when the County speaks about problems, ideas, and solutions, they are not coming from a direct experience of what all this means for the municipalities; as the Mayor of Yountville, Mr. Dunbar understands the day-to-day operations of the smaller cities that he would be elected to represent. He understands firsthand how the expansion of a business in the County will affect the needs of the communities around it. 

Then beyond the local hands-on experience, Mr. Dunbar remains active with the League of California Cities, even serving as President in 2019-2020. This role has given him the contacts and education about what other municipalities are experiencing throughout our entire state and the connections at Sacramento that are vital for taking action in Napa County. 

With this experience comes relationships with many different entities in the County and State that help create knowledge and understanding of how everything is connected through our municipalities, County, and state. His work with the Vets Home is another example of how communication, relations, and experience lead to more opportunities for housing and quality of life for the occupants.

All of the candidates for District 3 bring some sort of experience to the discussion, such as a single item like Land Use. Still, only one candidate brings a full resume of the day-to-day workings of a municipality (land use, budgets, public works, housing element, water supply, etc.) that will fully understand the Towns that we live in as well as the County.

Join me in voting for the candidate with the experience to take care of District 3 from day one, John Dunbar.

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Richard Tjff
Richard Tjff
1 year ago

I agree with you support comments. He h as my vote.

1 year ago

I’m unapologetically biased here, but great commentary! You make excellent points. Thank you for supporting the best choice for the next District 3 Supervisor.