Town Council Meeting Notes – Budget Workshop #3 – May 19

With over eight hours of presentations and staff reports completed, the next step for the fiscal year 2022/2023 budget is adopting it at the next Town Council meeting on June 21. All the details will be on the Town website, and a Budget Summary Document will show how things evolved along the way. Mayor John

Town Council Meeting Notes – Budget Workshop #2 – May 5

The Town Council discussed the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2022/2023 on May 5 – discussed is putting it lightly as the meeting hit a four-hour mark. At least there was a lot of positive news for this budget cycle to keep one alert and attentive. This is why I watch the meetings for

Zoning Design Review Board Meeting: March 8

The board members spent the opening of the meeting discussing start times and the fact that they will be meeting in person beginning in April. The last conversation for start times was 2004, so based on work schedules and consideration for staff, the board members decided that the start times will be 5:30 pm. Member

Arts Commission Meeting: March 7

There was a public comment at the meeting. About the Art’s budget, a letter was written to thank the commission for all their work and stress the importance of partnerships and sponsorships for the many activities and events the Arts Commission puts on each year. It was stated at the previous meeting that a part-time

Town Council Meeting Notes — March 1

Again the meeting started with issues; no audio for the first ten months, no Town Clerk, and mid-way through the meeting, more audio issues. I think the Council and staff are purposely having regular issues so they can all justify returning to in-person Town Council meetings. After watching the meeting on Youtube and seeing 78

ZDRB: Meeting Notes — February 8

Alright, this group keeps pretty busy, too. Let me introduce you to all the players: the staff is Planning Director Kirsty Shelton, Assitant Planner Diane Levine, and Assistant Planner Kyle Johnson. Interm Town Clerk is Yvonne Spence, and you will see her at the Town Council meetings as she is filling in for Clerk Eddy

Town Council: Meeting Notes — February 1

Town Council Notes Graphic

Many of you know the outcome, but do you know the confusion on the final vote for the appointment to the Yountville Town Council? Do you know what it means to vote Present? Can you change your no vote? Once again, this week, we get confusion, resulting in an education in government rules and procedures for