Zoning Design Review Board Meeting: March 8

The board members spent the opening of the meeting discussing start times and the fact that they will be meeting in person beginning in April. The last conversation for start times was 2004, so based on work schedules and consideration for staff, the board members decided that the start times will be 5:30 pm. Member

ZDRB: Meeting Notes — February 8

Alright, this group keeps pretty busy, too. Let me introduce you to all the players: the staff is Planning Director Kirsty Shelton, Assitant Planner Diane Levine, and Assistant Planner Kyle Johnson. Interm Town Clerk is Yvonne Spence, and you will see her at the Town Council meetings as she is filling in for Clerk Eddy

ZDRB: Meeting Notes — July 13

Updates to the property at 1 Lande Way came back for a second look after discussion by the Town Council for the parking situation and the completion of a survey for the property. With the applicant hearing, the concerns from the original meeting changes were made and approved unanimously by the commissioners. All setbacks were

ZDRB: Meeting Notes — June 8th

Two commissioners on the Zoning Design & Review Board (ZDRB) have been working overtime for seven months. ZODO Ad Hoc members Kim Cooke and Steven Miller have been working with two members from the Town Council to update the zoning ordinance and design ordinance. After 11 meetings, they brought Phase 2 of the changes to

ZDRB: Meeting Notes – May 11

Jessup Cellars proposed a permanent shade structure for their building to replace temporary awnings. The GM, Tracy McArdle, of The Good Life Wine Collective, of which Jessup Cellars is a part, made the presentation. The members voted unanimously, with members Jordan and Miller having to recuse themselves due to their proximity to the business. As

ZDRB Meeting Notes – Tues. April 13th

The north end of Yountville, the apartment building at 2180 Madison St will finally be getting a complete update. The applicants have brought forward a design that brings the building more into line with design standards for Old Town as well as making the busy corner a more attractive entrance to our Town. The Applicant,

ZDRB: Meeting Notes – Mar. 9th

What I expected to be a long meeting wrapped up in under two hours with the Commissioners’ deciding on two items, one project inching forward and a fourth item pulled from the agenda. The legal non-conforming garage on Mount St was pulled from the agenda, and based on the observed conversation of the Commissioners and

ZDRB: Meeting Agenda – Mar. 9th

This week promises to be an information-packed meeting for the Zoning Design and Review Board. Four decisions need to be made: 1. there is the continuation of 2150 Starkey and the applicant’s re-design ideas, and they appear to have taken the feedback from the Commissioners and applied it to the design. Also, the architect has done

ZDBR: Meeting Notes – Feb. 9th

With only three members able to participate, both Vice-Chair Miller and Member Jordan had to recuse themselves due to their proximity to the subject property at 2150 Starkey Ave. A lengthy discussion progressed for the proposed, new single-family home on one of Yountville’s smallest lots. The 3,301 square foot lot on the north side of

ZDRB: Meeting Agenda – Feb. 9th

This Tuesday, February 9, there will be a ZDRB (Zoning Design Review Board) meeting. The only item on the agenda is to raze the current structure and build a new, single-family home at 2150 Starkey Ave, APN 036-034-006. This property sits in Old Town and has a checkered past with an “unattractive structure” and no