ZDRB: Meeting Notes — July 13

Updates to the property at 1 Lande Way came back for a second look after discussion by the Town Council for the parking situation and the completion of a survey for the property. With the applicant hearing, the concerns from the original meeting changes were made and approved unanimously by the commissioners. All setbacks were met, no tree removal for garage remodel and requirements. As pointed out in Public Comment by Billie Hewitt, the pool is in contrast to saving water, and shipping water is frivolous. As Director Liston pointed out, Phase Two restrictions still allow pools. Another Public Comment questioned the length of the project, and the applicant stated they expect to start by September and be complete in February.

The final phase of the Zoning Ordinance & Design Ordinance (ZODO) updates was presented to the board. Consultant Robert Brown gave an overview of updates on six separate divisions. Much was stated about consolidation and improvements for ease of understanding and use. For example, the new code for Structures in Division 1 consolidates all uses and with allowable land use uses and minimum requirements. As Robert stated, this is “… a giant gift to Sandra’s successor.” Design Review Findings were updated, clarified the authority of the ZDRB, and included the General Plan into the sections. Read the full updates made to ZODO below, or watch the full meeting.

ZODO Changes:
Clean Version
Strikeout Version

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