Here We Go, Masks Recommended for Napa County

In California, 60.5% of the eligible population is vaccinated. The Delta Variant accounts for many new positivity rates which have increased from 0.7% to 2.1% since June 15.

On Monday, Napa County joined most Bay Area counties in recommending the vaccinated and the unvaccinated wear masks while inside public places. Public health officials reiterate that this is not a mandate; it’s a recommendation. This recommendation stems from the increased rates in COVID-19 cases for the area, and in particular, the Delta variant cases. In June, the Delta variants comprised 43% of all COVID-19 tests in California.

And if you go a step deeper, there’s still a decent amount of the population that has not received a COVID-19 vaccine, which protects against the new variants. It seems we are faced with the choice of practicing safety measures or shutting down once again. Wear a mask? Get vaccinated? I am willing to do both. What will it be?

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