ZDRB: Meeting Agenda – Mar. 9th

This week promises to be an information-packed meeting for the Zoning Design and Review Board. Four decisions need to be made: 1. there is the continuation of 2150 Starkey and the applicant’s re-design ideas, and they appear to have taken the feedback from the Commissioners and applied it to the design. Also, the architect has done a better job of giving us a clearer picture of how the building will sit on the lot. 2. exterior modifications for a property on Forrester Lane, and there is some concern from the neighbors as the lots are definitely built to their maximum in this part of Town. 3. a variance for an increased FAR in Colombard and variances make me nervous in this small town. 4. another exterior modification for a garage on Mount St., which is legal non-conforming, so many considerations to be accounted for.

Check out all the plans, Staff Reports and details

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