Arts Commission Meeting: March 7

There was a public comment at the meeting. About the Art’s budget, a letter was written to thank the commission for all their work and stress the importance of partnerships and sponsorships for the many activities and events the Arts Commission puts on each year. It was stated at the previous meeting that a part-time employee might be needed for the Town to keep up with the work generated from the Arts, and there is also diminishing revenue from the commercial building permit fees that pay into the Art’s fund. The time is right now to start looking at top-line revenue.

I wrote the letter. I watch the meetings, so you don’t have to, and I also participate. I watch the meetings for you so that you can participate, too. Send me an email to discuss topics and send an email to the Town.

There was further discussion by the commissioners about the fiscal year 2022/2023 budget; thoughtful and forward-thinking. All the subcommittees gave an update, and for Art, Sip & Stroll, there will be 50 artists and eight musicians. The respective sub-committees vetted all artists and performers, so we are in for a good time.

Live and in-person in the Yountville Council chambers; the next meeting will be on April 4.

See the meeting agenda and the recording.

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