Arts Commission Meeting: March 7

There was a public comment at the meeting. About the Art’s budget, a letter was written to thank the commission for all their work and stress the importance of partnerships and sponsorships for the many activities and events the Arts Commission puts on each year. It was stated at the previous meeting that a part-time

Arts Commission: Meeting Notes — July 12

Who was the most active group in Yountville during the fiscal year July 2020/July 2021 with COVID hovering over us? It was the Yountville Arts Commission who sold over $110,000 in art sales! Just amazing, and as a result, the Arts Commission transferred over $26,000 to the Arts Fund with the Yountville Community Foundation. Additionally,

Arts Commission: Meeting Notes – June 7

As seems to be typical with the current fiscal year for the Arts Commission meeting, the Art Funds are posting some very healthy balances throughout the end of May 2021. In addition, two mores sculptures have sold, bringing the fiscal year 2020/2021 to over $100,000 in art sales. It was also noted that the Town

Arts Commission: Meeting Notes – May 3

Motions made. Discussions had. Action taken. Plenty on the agenda today to keep the Arts Commission busy and making things happen for Yountville. The meeting started on a very high note with the financials revealing over $69,000 fund balance in the Public Art Program fee category. As well as the fact that the other fund

Arts Commission: Meeting Notes – Mar. 1st

This opportunity to watch a meeting for an hour and a half led to a better understanding of our Town and the Town budget process. This is a great way to begin to understand our Town budget. And for those who already understand, it gives you insight into our community and those involved with it.

Art Commission: Meeting Notes – Feb. 1st

I have seen pieces of Arts Commission meetings before. I just have never watched a complete meeting. Let me precisely say what I learned: these commissioners are engaged and involved so much with our community. It was fun to watch the excitement for art, artists, and future events. Some of the meeting highlights include some excellent