Arts Commission: Meeting Notes – June 7

As seems to be typical with the current fiscal year for the Arts Commission meeting, the Art Funds are posting some very healthy balances throughout the end of May 2021. In addition, two mores sculptures have sold, bringing the fiscal year 2020/2021 to over $100,000 in art sales. It was also noted that the Town of Yountville Community Foundation Arts Fund has approximately $4,500 earmarked for the mural update to paint the large metal doors that have been added to the underpass since the completion of the mural.

With the sales of these many sculptures, the commissioners discussed using this as a marketing tool to bring in more art and bring more art collectors to the Town. As the Yountville Chamber has so aptly stated, “Yountville has perfected the art of the stroll.”

Two new sculptures will be arriving from Dale Reiger on Friday. His are the painted glass towers you have seen in Town, and one will be placed at the point of Washington and Yount St as well as by the bridge further down Washington St.

The majority of the time for this meeting was discussing the purchase of “Poly” and “Raven”, currently residing at Van de Leur Park. Besides the quality of the art, the commissioners discussed whether art should be rotating or if the Arts Commission is creating a permanent gallery in the Town? Lots of good thoughts, insights, and comments. These commissioners obviously take their positions seriously as they consider what works for the community that makes up Yountville (Town members, visitors, Town Council) and the artists. The Commissioners voted 5 -1 to purchase the art, with Commissioner Cook voting no. Commissioner Cook felt there should be unanimous support from the entirety of the Arts Commission as they then need to make their case to the Town Council. The Commissioner voted 6 – 0 to fund the purchase from the Town Of Yountville Community Foundation Art Fund as that is where the money is placed from the sales of sculptures. Commissioner Ronda Schaer also proposed fundraising from within and outside the community to help fund the purchase.

Commissioner Noel Resnick also discussed that with COVID restrictions being lifted, there would be “more fluidity with the art walk.” Both artists and the commissioners have the opportunity to get out and discover each other and probably more rotation of art for the art walk.

The final minutes were spent highlighting the details for the Guy Buffet art exhibit opening this Thursday, June 10, at the Yountville Community Center Art Gallery and then the dynamics of operating Art, Sip, and Stroll while still being in the Orange Tier. Over 600 tasting tickets have been sold and are sold out. The art portion and artists are still a free event to mingle around Town and purchase art.

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