Arts Commission: Meeting Notes — Feb 7

Once again, the Yountville Arts Commission is probably one of the busiest groups in Town.

The meeting started with budget considerations for the new fiscal year 2022/2023 (yes, it’s that time of the year already)—an interesting discussion with current revenue streams and looking at in the future. The 1% fee assessed on commercial building permits is getting smaller, so what does that mean for the operating budget of the Art Walk? It looks like some budget reworking will need to be completed (moving revenue from one source to another) to ensure a balanced budget in the future. With the current work level of the Commissioners, there is also talk about bringing on a part-time person to facilitate all the behind work of marketing and Town support. The Commission will determine the final budget at the March 7 meeting. If there is going to be so much focus on marketing the Art Walk as a viable part of Yountville, then some additional revenue streams should be considered.

As for the Art Walk, two new pieces are coming to Town; Mare and Foal are scheduled for installation on February 15 at Hopper Creek Park and Heart will be moved to in front of the Chamber. Waiting on confirmation for install date of Dancing Butterflies, looking to be the second/third week of February. 

The Yountville Community Center gallery has plenty of shows on the calendar: currently, Sam Chapman’s “Flowers from Monet’s Garden” is showing through Friday, April 8 and then Spiros Sisters exhibit opens Thurs April 14 and closes Fri May 13, Nick Cann artwork (who is the featured artist for Art Sip and Stroll) opens Thurs May 19 and closes Sun July 17, Jose Martinez exhibit opens Thurs July 21 and closes Fri Sept 30. 

Literary and Performing Arts subcommittees gave updates with a Sasha Paulson book event and the return of Yountville Out Loud. The Marketing Subcommittee is in full gear with Art Sip and Stroll approaching. As for Art Sip and Stroll, the poster image is out and tasting packages went on sale on February 1 at The applications period for artists closing February 15, and the jury process will begin and artists will be notified by the first week of March. 


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