Arts Commission: Meeting Notes – Mar. 1st

This opportunity to watch a meeting for an hour and a half led to a better understanding of our Town and the Town budget process. This is a great way to begin to understand our Town budget. And for those who already understand, it gives you insight into our community and those involved with it.

Thanks to Samantha Holland for a detailed and fact-filled description of the Fiscal Year 21-22. We all came away with a better understanding of what the budget means for the Arts Commission and what that, in turn, means for the Town budget. As the budget was discussed for fiscal year 21/22 we got a good overview of what has been happening in the art world currently in Yountville: successful art sales, expanded marketing, upcoming shows, and how to mark an item as Sold.

The Commissioners of this group are definitely engaged as they discussed ideas for future marketing. We all understood how marketing could play a better role in all that is an art in Yountville. They have established a reserve balance of $40,000 for two years of funding Art Walk expenses. Read the Staff reports attached to the agenda, and if you have a moment, watch the meeting.

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