John Dunbar, Yountville Mayor, Announces Run for District 3 Supervisor

I am all for a good discussion about wineries, housing, water, and economic support in our County. And it now appears we will be able to have that discussion in our neighborhood of Yountville… our Mayor of Yountville has stepped up and announced his campaign today for District 3 Supervisor.

John has been the Mayor since 2010, as well as serving as President of the League of California Cities. His reach throughout the County and State as a leader on boards and commissions focused on transportation, water conservation, climate action, and economic recovery give him insight as he continues focusing on our residents’ health, safety, and well-being. Small Town Mayor with a far reach. And the Napa Register, in an article last week, definitely voiced concern about such experience leaving the Napa County Supervisors so I asked John what he would bring to his role as District 3 Supervisor and for Napa County in its entirety.

“I would bring a unique balance of experience and fresh perspective to the County Board of Supervisors. My 17 years of elected service and my leadership role in the League of California Cities have helped me develop the skills needed to advocate effectively for our local community at the county, state, and federal levels. I also have the perspective of a small town Mayor, where personal engagement with residents and business owners is the best way to learn how to represent our entire community”, Dunbar stated.

Read more about John and his experience.

Oh, but wait… what does this all mean for Yountville?  A new mayor? This is shaping up to be an exciting, engaging election cycle for Yountville and the Valley.

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