Art Commission: Meeting Notes – Feb. 1st

I have seen pieces of Arts Commission meetings before. I just have never watched a complete meeting.

Let me precisely say what I learned: these commissioners are engaged and involved so much with our community. It was fun to watch the excitement for art, artists, and future events.

Some of the meeting highlights include some excellent funds available seven months into this fiscal cycle. They have sold a lot of art this past year, so that new art will be coming to the Art Walk, and the underpass mural is will be updated this year.

My excitement was learning about the upcoming Gallery Shows that are being held in the lobby of the Community Center. Quinn Saine Photographer is a photographer creating a lot of excitement from around the Valley, and Guy Buffet will be having a show here in June. And not to be outdone by the Gallery Show featuring local Yountville Artists Yvonne Bundy, Nancy Gates, and Jeff Spratt May 6th June 4, 2021. There will even be poetry written for each painting from Jim McDonald and Marianne Lyons. There is some serious talent in this Town.

And to remind you all of who is doing all this work: Jim McDonald, Kimberly Cook, Robin McKeeCant, Cynthia Kapjian, Noel Resnick, Ronda Schaer, Marty Wordsworth. My thanks go out to the group for giving back to our community. I might not like all the art here in Town, which is why it is called “art.”

The Zoom meeting recording can be found here.

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