Town Council: Meeting Notes – December 7

(Too) Big Politics in a Small Town Yes, there was a Town Council meeting on Tuesday. Yes, there were agenda items. But I will only discuss the main reason you clicked through to this post—that reason being the final Town Council meeting for our Vice Mayor, Kerri Dorman.  (Based on comments I have been reading

Town Council: Meeting Notes – October 5

Math is much easier than taking a stand on your policy position. Also, this meeting welcomed the new feature of public comment in real-time, and the public did show up. The Zoom meetings allow you to register for the webinar and raise your hand to speak. The public can continue to send emails to

Town Council: Meeting Notes – June 1st

I love a Council meeting that clocks in well under three hours and with two Certificates of Appreciation to start the meeting off on the right tone. First, Lin Pina was recognized for her time and work on the Zoning Design & Review Board (ZDRB) from 2018 to her term end in July 2021. It

Town Council: 3rd and Final Budget Meeting Notes – May 19th

It’s a good final budget meeting when the Town concludes that only 10% of the anticipated amount is needed from reserve funds. For the fiscal year, 2021/2022, only $100,000 will need to be pulled from reserve funds to make up for shortfalls due to the COVID pandemic. The Town will be pulling $50,000 from each

Town Council: Budget Meeting Notes – May 5th

The budget meeting started with a positive note and maintained that positivity throughout. Hard to believe we have been experiencing over 14 months of COVID discussion, and the Town has not seen a diminishment in our services and a small percentage of needs for the reserve funds. And as is typical with a Town as

Town Council: Meeting Notes – May 4th

You have another tasting room in Town. The Town Council voted 4 – 1, with Council member Mohler opposed, to change the Use Permit at the current JCB Senses from retail to the 15th tasting room in Yountville. The Council rolled out the red carpet with their enthusiasm to welcome back Cornerstone Cellars. When the

Town Council: Agenda – Budget Meeting May 5th

It’s here! We have been discussing budget items; revenue and expenses and reserves. Now is the time to see the numbers in action. Now is the time to see how your Council members want to move forward with the Town of Yountville. Pay attention to the discussion and see how the Town will follow up