Joe Tagliaboschi Announces Intent to Fill Vacant Seat on Yountville Town Council

I received a text from former Yountville Public Works Director Joe T. over the weekend letting me know that he intended to run for the Yountville Town Council, specifically to fill the vacated seat by Vice Mayor Kerri Dorman. Dorman has yet to make it official with the Town of when her seat will be vacated. However, it is anticipated that by the next Town Council meeting of January 18, the Council will be deciding how to move forward with the open seat, election, or appointment. Joe T. has stepped out of his short retirement to fill that seat.

I asked him two questions: “You just retired, why the interest in getting involved with Yountville again?” and then, “Given the current make up of the Council, what will you be bringing to the mix?” Below are his answers (very, slightly edited).

Thanks for your time and for giving me the opportunity to reach the residents of the Town. I have lived in Yountville for over 30 years and have seen this town evolve over that time to a world-class destination while still maintaining the small-town charm that is cherished by residents and visitors alike. I intend to contribute to that thoughtful and needed evolution as a Council Member if I am fortunate enough to have that opportunity.

As you know, the Council serves an important role in decisions that, in some respect, affect all residents and visitors. Given the short time frame between Vice Mayor Dorman resigning and the start of budget season, some very important decisions begin immediately for the new Council Member as Budget Workshop #1 is usually the first meeting in February! That is the first of many items that will be before Council with the Housing Element, and the discussion on the YES property is also likely up for discussion this year. The Council also serves on a variety of committees and commissions, many of which I also served on as a town staff member. I am confident I can contribute positively to all of these discussions.

I feel that given my experience and time serving as the Public Works Director, I have a unique opportunity to serve and add value with a shorter learning curve compared to others who may also be interested and qualified in serving the town on the Council.

I have worked for almost 20 years in Public Works for Cities and Counties (the last seven here as the Public Works Director for the Town), and with that, I bring a breadth of experience that few can match. I am proud of the work that was done here during my time with the town,  whether it was working on making parks more accessible for all, streets and sidewalks safer and better, or responding to the many emergencies we have had here. 

I have earned a BS in Business Management and an MBA while working full time. I am a person that prides myself on being honest, consistent, and truthful. I respond to all communications promptly. I have worked very hard in my career to find solutions that help resolve issues in a timely manner. I have a passion for public services that operate efficiently and effectively as possible. 

This was not an easy decision as I am enjoying retirement, but I feel that the work of a Council Member is extremely important, and I think I am the right person for the job at this time. This is why I have decided to run for the position for the Town of Yountville Council when it is open.

Thanks to all for your support and encouragement as I continue my journey in Public Service here at the Town of Yountville. Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year!

See Joe Tagliaboschi’s application to the Town Council, and join the meeting on Tuesday, February 1st, to watch the review of all applicants.

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Jim Mc Donald
Jim Mc Donald
1 year ago

Joe T. makes some good points. However, I would urge the Town Council to hold a special election rather than simply appoint a replacement.

Carol G. Fink
Carol G. Fink
1 year ago

Having read Joes reasons for throwing his hat in the ring I feel all the more certain he will
Be a wonderful addition to the Council. Again, he really knows the ins and outs of our Town and his calm man agent of emergencies will be welcome A great choice

Pauline Morton
Pauline Morton
1 year ago

I believe this town needs someone of Joe’s talents. He is familiar with how the town operates and will improve this town without losing small town feel.