There Are No Wrong Questions

In her latest monthly newsletter, Kerri Dorman (current Vice Mayor on your Town Council) stated, “I’m thinking that this might be a good opportunity to put our heads together and make sure we have all the right questions about the current situation, as well as the future, of our Town.” Here are a few of my questions:

  • When will you decide to act on the Economic Recovery Plan for Yountville?
  • As a member of the Standing Committee for Parking, what exact modifications/updates/changes can you see making over the next 12 months to serve our residents and business community better?
  • Do you think Yountville is going in the right direction? If yes, why, and if no, why?
  • What type of services or activities should the Town offer to residents that they are currently not offering?
  • What services should the Town stop paying money for?
  • What do you like the most about living in Yountville?
  • Is it time to retire Local Serving from the Council’s vernacular?
  • Why would the Council subsidize an Enterprise Fund through the transfer of funds? Should this continue?
  • Should the position of Vice Mayor on the Council be on a rotating basis or go to the most senior member?
  • Who should throw their hat in the ring for the 2022 election for Mayor and two open council seats?
  • What is your definition of “divisiveness,” and is it present in Yountville?
  • As stakeholders in Yountville, should the businesses have a voice in town politics?

This is a good starting point for a conversation. What are your questions concerning the Town? Email Kerri with your questions and share them with The Yountvillain as well.

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