Cocktails To-Go Here To Stay

One of the happy side-effects of the Pandemic (for all patrons 21+) was the shift to allowing restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages with to-go orders. Not only did this move assist struggling businesses, but partakers of this boozy governmental lenience could continue to enjoy some of their favorite offerings from their favorite spots.

And now cocktails to-go are here to stay! Governor needs to sign the bill. Last week, California Legislation approved a bill from Sen. Bill Dodd to assist restaurants struggling to recover from the pandemic by permanently allowing the sale of to-go cocktails as part of take-out food orders.

The legislation comes as restaurants nationwide recover from hundreds of billions of dollars in losses sustained because of lockdowns and social distancing requirements to stop the spread of coronavirus. A survey by the National Restaurant Association found 78% of restaurant owners who began selling take-out alcohol rehired laid-off employees compared to 62% overall.

So thanks to California legislation for your boozy governmental leniency and for supporting restaurants during this time of economic recovery. Cheers.

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