Allied Council – Invite Only?

The Veteran’s Home is beginning to slowly open up… very slowly. The Allied Council will once again begin meeting in person tomorrow, July 14, 9:30 – 11 am. Great news for everyone, except not all are allowed to attend, it appears. After reaching out to home members and staff, I learned that you currently need to be invited to attend the meeting. In the past, anyone could attend. How do we get an invitation? How do we participate? How do we learn the concerns of the vets that are living there?

Well, if you are the Vice Mayor of Yountville, then you get the “invitation” to attend. Not the Mayor, not other Council members who have been attending for over 10 + years. Unfortunately, not even a member of the team from The Yountvillian is able to go to the meeting because technically, the Veterans Home is still closed to the general public.

Why is the vice mayor the only local official allowed to attend and why were they solely invited? We will keep looking at future meetings and attendance.

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