Yountville TOT Continues to Climb in 2021

The most significant month of TOT ever collected happened in September 2021 as the Town of Yountville received $1,126,713 in bed tax. As the town wants to be conservative, this represents an over 200% increase in the budgeted amount of $399,000. The first three months of the fiscal year represent over 56% of the total budgeted revenue for the year, and we can expect to see that trend continue. 

The rates that the guests will pay to stay over in Yountville continue to climb, with the ADR (average daily rate) inching over $970 per night and the larger hotels seeing an average of $1,048. Yes… over $1000 for a room in Yountville. The occupancy rates still lag previous years, and I guess that is ok when you have fewer guests paying more and therefore less need for staff and supplies. Maybe not the best thing for the other Town businesses. Dive deeper into the details with the full report.

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