Water Conservation Notices

Town Staff has shared the most recent report on how the Town is doing on water conservation efforts. The accounting assistant completed the August utility billing. Overall water consumption was 10% less than consumption billed for in July. The goal is to reduce water usage by 20%, and while there still has been a reduction, we are still substantially short of the goal. Some work has to be done to meet the requests of the State/Veterans Home.

Water Conservation and Outreach remain a big focus for Public Works staff. Outreach this week is focused on Courtesy Notices to properties that appear to be irrigating contrary to the current water regulations. The current message reads: “Please be ever mindful of your water use. Excess runoff, watering on the wrong day/time and overuse of water may result in a courtesy notice and if unabated may result in a notice of violation, citation, fines, and discontinuance of water service.”

To date, 47 blue courtesy notices have been issued. Hopefully, this polite paper nudge from the Town will be enough to get us closer to the goal.

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