TOT March 2022 (by now you should know how this is going to play out…)

Once again, the smaller hotels (62 rooms) far exceeded the larger hotels (393 rooms) in the occupancy category, 72% vs. 52%. ADR (average daily rate) for the smaller hotels increased a bit over last month to $460, and the larger hotels dipped slightly to $813. Townwide, this meant an occupancy of 55% and an ADR of $750.

The most interesting thing to me this month is twofold: first, at the current pace of the TOT collection, the Town will make over $9M in collections for the fiscal year 2021/2022. This will leave over $2M in revenue that can be utilized for a multitude of items for the fiscal year 2022/2023. Second, will the travelers paying these rates and coming to Yountville be immune to everything in the world/economy/pricing/supply chain discussion. We still have April, which I will bet was another solid month; let’s see what May brings.

Read the full report.

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