Three New Laws Benefit Wineries

Several federal laws have just been passed that will affect all wineries (for the better!) Governor Gavin Newsom has signed three bills that expand winery off-site tasting room privileges and grant alcohol beverage manufacturers the right to advertise and promote charitable donations in connection with the sale of alcohol. The laws will become effective on Jan. 1, 2022.

Bill SB 19 increases the number of Duplicate Type 02 locations to two locations. Type 02 wineries can now operate tasting rooms at their licensed winemaking premises and at an off-site Duplicate Type 02 premise (where crushing and fermentation are not permitted). Current law allows a winery to operate only one off-site Duplicate Type 02 tasting room.

Bill AB 239 provides wineries with more flexibility when fulfilling orders for consumers. Under current law, a winery may exercise the same privileges at its Duplicate Type 02 tasting room as at its Type 02 winery premises. Still, it may not sell or deliver wine to consumers in containers that have been supplied, furnished, or sold by the consumer. Bill AB 239 deletes that exception. Starting Jan. 1, consumers can fill their containers at a Duplicate Type 02 tasting room.

Finally, AB 1267 allows wines, beer, and spirits producers to donate part of the purchase price of alcoholic beverages to nonprofit charitable organizations with some limitations. There’s no doubting that Napa Valley wineries will appreciate these new legal benefits come the new year.

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