Smooth Sailing for Yountville…or Driving

Did you know that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission reports on the local road pavement conditions? They recently released information on the Bay Area for 2021, and though the Napa Valley as a whole needs some work, Yountville is leading the pack with a score of 74/100.

The 227 miles of roadway in unincorporated areas of Napa County ranked in the “poor” category, according to the latest report on local road pavement conditions by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, which oversees transportation planning for the nine-county Bay Area. Unincorporated Napa County roads scored 45 out of a possible 100 points, down 3 points from last year.

Here’s how cities and communities within Napa County ranked:

  • Yountville: score of 74, 16 miles of road
  • City of Napa: score of 69, 467 miles of road
  • American Canyon: score of 62, 112 miles of road
  • Calistoga: score of 61, 30 miles of road
  • St. Helena: score of 54, 51 miles of road

Napa County as a whole scored 56 for its 1,508 miles of roads, a score that puts them at risk of soon needing major rehabilitation, according to the commission. Read the full report.

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