Senators Propose Fund for Journalism

In the wake of decades of contraction and closure in the journalism sector, three California state senators have suggested new legislation targeted at supporting media outlets that report on local events.

Proposed by Senators Steve Glazer (D), Benn Allen (D), and Josh Newman (D), this bill establishes a $50 million fund to support news organizations that cover public affairs and distribute their content in the public domain in their communities.

Along with financing, it would establish a membership board comprised of 11 members nominated by the legislature and the governor of California to supervise application and award processes. The board will include members from minority-owned news organizations, small and medium-sized news organizations, non-profit organizations, and at least one journalism professor.

When approved, this bill will greatly benefit independent local news outlets, like The Yountvillian, and decrease the “news deserts,” where there is no local coverage, as termed by Glazer.

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