More News and More $$ for Wildfire Safety

You can’t turn a corner without hearing about wildfire safety and preparation, but here’s some good news on the topic. Napa County will receive $7.6 million in allocated funding, secured by Sen. Bill Dodd. This budget will go a long way as it will be used for investments in wildfire safety and prevention and drinking water infrastructure improvements at Lake Berryessa.

“With a drought on and wildfire season ramping up, it is critical that Napa County get the resources it needs to keep our community healthy and safe,” Sen. Dodd said. “Fixing our aging water delivery system is an important step. And reducing combustible fuels and creating fire breaks is a necessity. With this money, Napa County can make substantial progress in both areas.”

Many thanks to Sen. Bill Dodd for his efforts in securing Napa County in the state budget. You can learn more about the allocated funding here.

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