Is Yountville Well Managed?

It is time to take a renewed look at what is working and not working, involving residents, businesses, and town leaders and staff. TOT collection for May 2021 was 80% of 2019 revenue, the streets of Yountville are the highest-rated for drivability in all Napa County, the Town has never seen such a diverse group step up and participate with its Boards and Commissions, Art/Sip/Stroll was the most successful it has ever been (this coming on the heels of COVID), Town budget continues to show growth and increase in revenue, a fully engaged ZDRB has closely monitored new home developments. Community engagement is happening at the ZOOM meetings, parks, and streets at all of our revived events. Diversity is all around us, especially with those who have recently called Yountville home as they become more engaged and excited for what Yountville is and will become. With changes coming to Yountville these next 12 months, it is vitally important that the policy and decision-makers for our Town be willing to take action and be a respected part of this well-managed group of Town staff and residents, and businesses. What’s next is making sure everyone is paying attention.

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