Ask for Forgiveness Instead of Permission

UPDATE 12/21

The barn currently sits with un-planned addition – a red tag. This means all construction and work must stop until the proper permits are obtained.  

It appears the newly constructed barn at The French Laundry Gardens, which has a concrete poured foundation and electrical, did not pull permits for the construction, and now the Town has received plans. So the company that owns seven buildings in the Town of Yountville did not pull permits to build a building in our Town? The contractors they engaged did not pull permits to complete the work on a newly constructed building? It must be nice to live in the world of TKRG. I will be following up with more details.

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1 year ago

says at the top, “2 Min Read”. read it in 32 sec, so….

wtf!? he plops down a friggen barn w/o permits and i can’t even build a pergola in my damn driveway?! whatevs.