ABC Announces More Liquor Licenses for Napa County

Eric Hirata, Director of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, announced this past week the authorization to issue 15 new on-sale general licenses for public eating places with a seating capacity of 25 or more in Napa County. From September 13, 2021, through September 24, 2021, the ABC’s Santa Rosa District Office will accept applications for the new original on-sale general licenses. The stipulation for these licenses is that the winners of these ABC licenses cannot sell them above the value that they are purchased at, so no profit is to be made.

A $15,835 fee is to be collected from each applicant, and if there are more applicants than Liquor Licenses, the ABC will hold a virtual lottery to select the 15 winners. Any applicant who is not selected will have the fee refunded, minus a $100 service fee. It will be interesting to see what new places pop up soon.

For more information about applying, contact the Santa Rosa District Office.

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