Follow Up June 1st, 2021

A Better Way to Burn or the Same Way of the Past?

Agriculture Burns — a topic we’ve discussed in our in-depth article series. Every winter, farmers, and vintners gather vines and other agricultural debris and burn them to get rid of them and make way for new crops. Conventional agricultural debris burn piles generate smoke plumes that create poor air quality for our community, while simultaneously releasing harmful greenhouse gases.

Napa Valley Vintners has been working up a possible solution. In the past months, the NVV hosted a webinar for members to learn of an alternative method called, “Conservation Burning.” This method eliminates debris, generates minimal smoke, and creates biochar, which captures carbon and can be used in the vineyard as a soil amendment to improve soil health. This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned this new method of waste removal—read more about this Biomass Gasification Facility in Calistoga.

Will this work for Napa County residents?

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