Wine Country State of Mind with Brock O’ Lantern

It is our favorite time of year and the fresh rain brings seasonal nostalgia. Damp vineyards & slated petrichor screams! Fall is in the air. 

Below is a proper piece to sanctify Hallows Eve & a Givethanksing Spirit. 

In a wine country state of mind
tied to spirits old as time
seed to plant grape to wine
cycle never ending

daylight mist rides the breeze
cross golden hills off western seas
hovers over vine and tree
then fades away to morning

country life / urban scene
wraps itself round tourists’ dreams
the best of both  to me it seems
gazing out my window

sunlight dances through the canes
neath’ leafy crowns grapes idly hang
and each fall we reap again
the bounty and the blessings

on every vine fruit fat and ripe
await the sweeping harvest knife 
determined strokes, rapid, precise
send grape from vine to bottle

evening sun sheds amber rays
shadows race to close the day
cross mountainside and vineyard they
advance the land to darkness

across the sky in silent pools
milky stars shed light anew
or’ sleepy land 
the deepening dew
greets another dawning…

Happy Givethanksing All!
-Brock “O” Lantern

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Carla J
Carla J
8 months ago

Aerial View – Love the balloon to balloon photo posted with the mellow October poem in Wine Country State of Mind by Brock O’Lantern.