What Does Napa Need? Ask The Locals

This past week, Paul Franson with NapaLife shared an interesting social poll for Napa. A post on Nextdoor asked people what they’d most like to see in Napa, and more than 150 people responded. Some requests are reasonable, even coming soon, and others are a bit more unlikely. Regardless, it’s useful to hear what the people want.

Considering that Napa and other nearby towns, like Yountville, have built their economy on a similar niche market, you could make an educated assumption that there is some overlap amongst these requests and what other nearby towns might request.

Have some of your own local input? Leave a comment and share what it is you think is needed in your Napa Valley town.

Below was the information shared by Paul Franson with NapaLife.

– Riverwalk like in San Antonio
– Lake to walk around
– Town square as in Sonoma or Healdsburg
– Smoother roads
– Gas lamps lining the streets in Old Town
– Community gardens

– Airport bus or other service
– Emergency vet
– Ferry to San Francisco (Not practical; would take hours just to get to Vallejo)

Kids and Families
– Roller skating rink
– Ice skating rink
– Public swimming pool
– Mini golf
– Splash pad/water park
– More sports complexes for soccer
– Children’s Museum (It’s in the works.)
– Bowling alley (We have one, Napa Bowl.)
– Alcohol-free place for young people to gather and dance
– Paddle boats
– Drive-in theater
– Play area for kids by the OxbowYMCA/YWCA gym

Entertainment for adults
– Chef’s Market
– Wine tastings that locals can afford
– More downtown stuff for locals
– Mustard Festival
– Laser tag
– Pickleball courts (We have some.)
– Dance clubs (A dance studio is coming.)
– ATV riding park
– Country western bar
– Casino (Ours has no slots or roulette.)
– Comedy club
– Another venue like Silo’s.
– Live music in the river park all year
– Fly casting pond
– YMCA/YWCA gym 

Restaurants and food
– Chick-fil-a
– Arby’s
– Cracker Barrel
– Chili’s restaurant
– Popeye’s
– Red Robin
– Swensen’s
– Hooters restaurant (in 2021!)
– A great Chinese restaurant
– Gluten-free bakery
– Vegan restaurants
– Family restaurants
– A food truck gathering
– A reasonably priced seafood restaurant
– Good fish and chips
– Korean restaurant
– Salad bar restaurant
– More restaurants with vineyard views
Red Hen
– Frozen custard
– Old Shrimp Boat

– A supermarket in East Napa like Vallerga’s
– Carters
– Sprouts
– Penney’s
– Sears (We have a small appliance store.)
– Macy’s
– Woolworths (They’re defunct.)
– Upscale men’s clothing store (We have Williamson & Co.)
– Costco (It’s coming in two years.)
– Downtown supermarket
– Asian supermarket
– Fabric store
– Craft store (Isn’t that what Michael’s is?)
– Surplus store like the old Brewster’s
– Health food market downtown
– A mall (Sadly, they’re dying everywhere.)
– Produce stands
– Nordstrom Rack
– A permanent home for Napa Farmers Market

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