Tacos Garcia – Back Home

As you have all been following the movement of our local taco truck on The Yountvillian, after more than 16  months, Tacos Garcia will be moving back to their site in the Pancha’s parking lot located at 6764 Washington Street. You can find them there during normal business hours beginning today.

The Town of Yountville issued a temporary permit during the COVID-19 Pandemic that allowed Tacos Garcia to operate from Yountville Community Park after Pancha’s was forced to close due to COVID restrictions. The requirement for the truck to be within a short distance to open and accessible restrooms caused the need for the relocation.  An agreement has been reached allowing for the truck to move back to Pancha’s and have access to restrooms for STAFF ONLY during taco truck business hours even though the bar HAS NOT reopened. Pancha’s has not issued a reopening date.

That will be the event of the season!

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