Public Open Spaces

One of the great things about Yountville is all the outdoor open space. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by outdoor dining, tasting areas, parks, and trails. But did you know that some of that outdoor dining or outdoor tasting space is considered “Public Open Space?” Since 2011 Yountville has been actively creating these Public Open Space pockets to ensure that our community can continue to enjoy our outdoor spaces as more businesses open. 

All Public Open Space areas must be created from “Usable Open Space”. Usable Open Space is defined as land accessible, physically and or visually, and available to persons whose use space is intended. Open spaces must be seen from the public way and cannot require entry into a building. The use of the area must also not be integral or essential to the operation of the business. While the company can service the space, it does not have to be, and service should be limited, so the public feels welcome in the space. 

The required Public Open Space type and size are based on a property’s classification and size. In a nutshell, Public Open Spaces must be a minimum of 20% of the gross area of parcels exceeding 20,000 square feet; 15% for lots less than 20,000 square feet; and 10% for lots less than 10,000 square feet shall be provided as open space. For fully commercial buildings, this requirement is intended to provide for open spaces, such as courtyards, which are unenclosed and usable to shoppers, visitors, and the general public and shall be proportionately scaled to allow sufficient sunlight. All such open space areas shall be in addition to public walkways adjacent to Town streets.

So, where can you enjoy these Public Open Spaces? 

Check out our list below and let us know your favorite place to enjoy Yountville!

  • Girard front patio
  • Stewart interior courtyard
  • Jessup front patio
  • Bouchon courtyard
  • Ottimo outdoor patio
  • V Wine outdoor patio
  • Priest Ranch / former Protea breezeway, rear courtyard, and rooftop terrace
  • R+D Kitchen bosque and bike path
  • Ad Hoc Hopper Creek path 
  • Bardessono pocket park & Hopper Creek path 
  • North Block frontage and interior courtyard & bike path 
  • Hotel Yountville Hopper Creek path

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