Police Activity at Vets Home A Week Ago

This past week, the CHP received a report of what appeared to be a woman at Veterans Home of California – Yountville with what the caller described as a shotgun. CHP and multiple allied agencies immediately responded and conducted an extensive search via ground and air in an attempt to locate a possible subject. There were no reports of any shots fired or any additional reports of the subject. A thorough search of the grounds and the buildings by multiple agencies resulted in no weapon or individuals matching the description found – there are no additional reports or witnesses. Several CHP units will remain on the scene out of an abundance of caution, but at this time, the Veteran’s Home will resume normal operations.

As we are all aware of now, there were no reports of any shots fired or any additional reports of a subject that was falsely believed to be a shooter, thankfully. And as we review the day we can find additional positives such as this: the Town employee team that helped to make the Community Center open to welcome Veterans Home employees who were reporting to work and needed a place to sort things out. And what has become typical of the Town, they ordered Velo pizzas before they got the all-clear.

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